InnovationWeek France in 5 key points



1/ What is InnovationWeek ?

From October 1st to 10th the whole local economic and digital exosystem gathered together to held events and allow Startups, incubators, SME, Schools and professional associations… to present their innovative projects and products , through workshops, conferences, animations and other opportunity to build a strong network

2/ Why ?

Because innovation is carried by every french economic actors all over territory, InnovationWeek’s goal is to add value to all innovative initiatives on both local and national levels, as well as to federate and bring together actors of innovation and the public with a shared ambition: to spread digital innovation ! 

3/ Where & When ?

InnovationWeek will take place from October 1st to 15th 2017 thoughout the whole French territory
The October 3th and 4th weekend will be dedicated to held hackatons and development contests.

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4/ For who ?

For the professional actors of innovation on one side: startups incubators, SME, Schools and professional associations, and for the public and innovation enthusiasts on another side.

5/ By who ?

InnovationWeek is coordinated by a strategic committee  and produced by the HUB Institute, a digital think tank based in Paris whose activity is focused on research, training, consulting and event. The event is accompanied by key partners highly engaged in innovation: Le groupe La Poste, & CCI de France.

Digital revolution for everyone !

The « innovation week » developed from the desire to create and spread the dynamism of digital innovation amongst professionals and the public.The HUB Institute (Digital Think Tank) and its partners consider that digital innovation is most utilized when shared. For this reason, various operations and animations will take place during the 1st to the 15th of October 2017 all over France, a celebration that focuses on bringing « Digital innovation for everyone ».
The goal here is to add value to all innovative initiatives on a national level, as well as to federate and bring together actors of innovation and the public, with a shared ambition: to revolutionize digital!

Dare to innovate !

It’s during tough economic periods that the greatest opportunities to create and reinvent means of living emerge. The future economic growth of a country highly relies on its ability to innovate, generate new concepts, build and produce great projects. The driving force of this crucial economic process is innovation, through the direct participation of companies, brands and institutions to achieve success. As Victor Hugo suggested : “To dare, that is the price of progress!”

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A great step forward

InnovationWeek will be the occasion to discover the latest inventions that will change our daily life. Numerous workshops and conferences will take place in order to highlight all the different challenges that the digital revolution brings along.

Participants will be offered thematics related to digital innovation that will enhance direct experience with innovative products and services.

Because it gathers an important number of speakers and participants, InnovationWeek is an exceptional event that will allow to get used to the latest technologies and to exchange and discuss various ideas. As well as pointing out innovation culture and sharing it, it ought to stimulate it.